18K Lotus with yellow sapphires on Seven Chakras

18K Lotus with yellow sapphires on Seven Chakras

Bring positive energy to your life with this SunMoonRain 100% handmade 18K Lotus with yellow or pink sapphires on Seven Chakra's stretch bracelet that combines modern sophistication & design with healing abilities.

Each bracelet is tagged with an explanation of the Seven Chakra's powers as well as a beautiful linen pouch, to keep it safe. Charm size is 4 mm (width) by 8 mm (length). Faceted beads are 4mm and circumference of bracelet is 16 cm.

Meaning of Charm

A symbol of purity, serenity & beauty, the Lotus represents the purity of the mind & soul. It defines the capacity of the soul to expand & embrace the beauty of life with a clear conscience. The gold lotus flower represents the achievement of all Enlightenment.

Stone Qualities

Seven Chakras - Chakra’s are the 7 energy centers in your body that run from the base of your spine to the top of the head. The Amethyst, Blue agate, Turquoise, Green agate, Citrine, Carnelian & Garnet correspond to one of those chakra’s & helps balance, clear, re-energize & heal those areas. The Clear crystal quartz harmonizes all the chakra and gemstone energies.