Pearl & Lapis Lazuli Healing Bangle

Pearl & Lapis Lazuli Healing Bangle

Bring positive energy to your life with this SunMoonRain flexible silver bangle in White Pearl with Lapis Lazuli.  

Each bracelet is tagged with an explanation of Lapis Lazuli's powers.

Beads are 12mm and circumference of bracelet is 17 cm.

Stone Qualities

A stone of serenity, Pearl's promotes a calming effect to the mind. Associated with lunar energy it brings truth to situations & encourages loyalty, purity & centeredness. Enhances focus, integrity & helps connect with ones “inner goodness.”

A stone of wisdom, Lapis Lazuli brings peace & deeper understanding. Encourages self-awareness & self-acceptance. Inspires creativity & truth in communication. Stimulates good judgment, intellectual ability & enhances memory.