Rose Quartz Crystal Starter kit

Rose Quartz Crystal Starter kit

Rose Quartz Crystal starter kit 
Are you a newbie in the world of crystals? Or do you want to learn more about crystals? Gift a good energy crystal to someone you care about? Our crystal starter kits are perfect for all three.
What’s included: in the kit:
✨ 1 Cleansed & Charged Rose Quartz Crystal
✨ 1 Sage Bundle
✨ 1 Palo Santo stick
✨ A mantra

Did your know that  Rose Quartz ❤️  is a Crystal of Love? A stone of Universal Love, Rose Quartz opens the heart to self, romantic, platonic & family love. Brings unconditional love, trust & harmony into relationships. Encourages forgiveness & helps letting go of anger, resentment & jealousy. ⠀⠀⠀

Love Affirmations:

May ❤️LOVE❤️ always be your guiding compass  ~ Our LOVE Potion!

 I see LOVE, I feel LOVE, I am LOVE

 I am open to LOVE in all its form ||  Self-love, love for others & Universal love. I spread it around me & it abundantly reflects back

I am pure in heart, clear in mind & sincere || kind in action