Tulum Collection 1

Tulum Collection 1

This collection of a stack of 5 bracelets was inspired by my trip to Tulum.

Tulum's original name Zama means sunrise. Very apt as so many people there like the sun, they rise to their higher consciousness and after a process of recovery and/or rediscovery, they get reborn. My time in Tulum was magic. I went with no expectation and left bewitched, and inspired to create this collection in honour of the beautiful people & culture there.

The friendship band woven with organic bamboo cotton and embedded with hot pink jade positive energy stones channels sunshine with a dose of glamour and is a modern adaption of the traditional Mayan embroidery there.

The degrade stretch tassel bracelet features faceted pink tourmaline positive energy stones amidst metallic beads.

The signature stretch bracelet of hot pink jade features 18k rose gold vermeil nuggets with a sunflower bead.

Jade - A stone of Serenity & Purity, it soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts. Increases love & nurturing. Attracts good luck & protects. Facilitates peace & harmony between the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual planes. As a “Dream” stone, it helps access the spiritual world.


Pink Tourmaline - A stone of love, it brings love, joy & happiness. Draws in a higher spiritual energy, encouraging compassion & gentleness. Stimulates creativity. Stabilizes moods. Stimulates the crown chakra, facilitating a connection with the higher divinity.