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A story of new beginnings, a story of renewal — this is the new trajectory of SunMoonRain as founder Shabnam Melwani launches her first fine jewellery collection, RawLuxe.


Delicately fashioned from a mix of rough and polished grey diamonds from India, rainbow moonstones from Africa and 18K rose gold nuggets hand-crafted in Bali, the new collection represents a journey — a return to one’s real, true self.


The RawLuxe collection follows a decidedly muted and soothing palette of soft grey and silver-white tones paired with warm rose gold. The range consists of bracelets styles in different combinations of the materials.


“This collection is about understated luxury,” Shabnam explains. “Luxury does not need to be flashy or glitzy; sometimes the most luxurious things are deceptively simple and understated. What’s special is that only you know the value of this special piece.”


Opting for raw, unpolished, jagged-edged diamonds was an important choice Shabnam said, “Raw diamonds have their flaws and rough edges,” she says. “They are not as shiny, not as perfect, but that’s exactly what makes them beautiful. Coming straight from the earth, they also emanate a strong grounding energy that makes us open to living in the present moment and appreciating the simple things in life.”


Rainbow moonstones also feature prominently in the collection, promoting inner strength, calmness, intuition, inspiration and success amongst other things.


RawLuxe is designed to be worn stacked together with the SunMoonRain’s Signature bracelets such as those featuring labradorite and clear crystal quartz, which have been refreshed this season with rose gold vermeil nuggets to compliment the RawLuxe series.




The story of renewal and new energies is more than an inspiration for SunMoonRain’s RawLuxe collection. Since launching the brand just under two years ago, Shabnam has opened herself to new holistic paths, travels and experiences including yoga, meditation and learning about and harnessing the powers of stones to provide balance and promote positive energies. These experiences have led to her looking deeply into herself and shedding her old visages, as she approaches life with a new sense of self and renewed purpose.


“This collection is a reflection of my journey towards embracing my genuine, visceral self,” Shabnam shares. “For me, it’s about appreciating and embracing the inner beauty of all things natural, in their purest and most unadulterated states.”


The RawLuxe collection is priced from S$49 for a threaded bracelet of moonstones and rough diamonds to up to S$2,950 for a bracelet with the combination of rough and polished diamonds, moonstones and 18K Rose Gold nuggets. They launch at Edit Lifestyle, Tudor Court, 137-139 Tanglin Road, Singapore 2479727 (tel: 6836 5686) and online at sunmoonrain.sg on Wednesday, 5th November 2014.






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About SunMoonRain

SunMoonRain is a collection of delicately handcrafted stretch bracelets that encourage positive energy and healing. Founded by Shabnam Melwani, the bracelets combine modern design with the power and purity of precious and semi-precious stones and crystals. Representing a meaningful marriage of elegance and enchantment, SunMoonRain is an amalgamation of Shabnam’s many inspirations: family, love, spirituality, fashion, art, travel and nature.


The brand's Signature bracelets feature a mix of gemstones and crystals with gold vermeil nuggets while its Charm bracelet series features unique 18K gold charms. In less than two years, SunMoonRain has charmed a global audience, expanding to markets outside of Singapore including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and the Maldives. Through its website, it also caters to international customers.


SunMoonRain is actively involved in community work, giving back to society through its contribution to the Tsao Foundation. Founder Shabnam Melwani chooses to work with the elderly as she feels that this group is often neglected and overlooked — an invisible demographic in the larger scheme of charitable work. Recognising the challenges that the elderly face, Shabnam, through SunMoonRain, organises an annual Chinese New Year lunch event for over 100 elderly, which bring much joy and comfort to these pioneers.



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