SunMoonRain is a collection of handcrafted positive energy & healing bracelets that combines modern design with the power & purity of precious and semi-precious stones and crystals.

SunMoonRain's aim is to spread positivity & to give back to society as we help others in a simple yet stylish, fun and eco-conscious way through our crystal bracelets. We source all our stones ethically and our earth-friendly packaging of recycled paper tag's and organic cotton pouches ensures Mother Earth is always respected. 

Combining enchantment with elegance, the collections are about the things that inspire me on my journey : from love, family (especially my sons, Zachary & Luca), friendship and spirituality to yoga, fashion, art, travel & nature. Each piece blends the belief in the power of gemstones with an appreciation of all things chic.

The main collection's signature bracelets feature a mix of gemstones and crystals with gold vermeil nuggets and the charm bracelets feature unique symbols in 18k gold, silver and vermeil that have represented a certain significant chapter in my life. Perfect for both personal use or as a meaningful gift, each bracelet comes with a tag that explains the stones' powers as well as a beautifully designed pouch, to keep it safe.

Our fine jewellery collection RawLuxe features a combination of rough diamonds & moonstones and is exclusively available online. This collection represents a journey — a return to one’s real, true self. Raw diamonds have their flaws and rough edges,they’re not as shiny, not as perfect, but that’s exactly what makes them beautiful. 



Our BohoLuxe collection celebrates friendship with hand-woven bands made from organic bamboo cotton incorporating our positive energy stones uniquely & silk tassel beaded pom pom bracelets.


And most recently, our Tribal Gypsy collection is a bridge line for the bohemian spirited individual who appreciates the gypset life,  wants to travel the world and explore mindfully (internally & externally!), loves and appreciates the contradiction of colours & believes more is more! 


It has always been my intention to also curate things on SunMoonRain that I see on my travels or in my “backyard" which I personally love, and are also about positive energy and/or healing. As such, I recently made that idea a reality with showcasing a new fabulously stylish and soulful brand of yoga bags and accessories brand MAIASA which is now available on our platform. Look out for more beautiful, unique and soulful things coming soon too!

We love collaborations & working with partners to creatively come up with ideas that meld both of our strengths and purposes, and have done some funs ones with brands including Pyar (@pyarislove).

SunMoonRain is involved in supporting many worthy causes, giving back most of our profits through our contribution to charities such as the Tsao Foundation in Singapore. I chose to work with the elderly as I feel that this group is often neglected and overlooked — an invisible demographic in the larger scheme of charitable work in Singapore. Recognising the challenges that the elderly face, SunMoonRain hosts an annual Chinese New Year lunch event for 150 of them, which bring much joy and comfort to these pioneers of my country.


We contribute to Breast Cancer awareness, to earthquake victims (Nepal) and we donate a portion of our profits in Bali to support the Jodie O'Shea Orphanage & Saba Kids which sponsors education for disadvantageous children. We also have contributed to the Willka T'ika education fund in the Sacred Valley of Peru that provides electricity, school buildings, libraries, kitchens, medical assistance, computer rooms, clothing, hot meals & supplies to over 600 children during the school year. We also help a school in Thailand for underprivileged children through the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Phuket. 

We will always strive to give back when we can.

SunMoonRain was created when I was at a low period in my life & I was searching for a natural way to heal. I believe the power of these stones helped me (& continue to do so) to this day to harmonize and heal, protect and energise,  physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. The same way they helped the ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese & Indians, also donned by pharaohs, kings and queens, and even priests, all of whom believed in their powers & also drew from them their strength.


It gives me immense happiness in being a small part of of the global "positivity movement" through our bracelets & help those less fortunate than us. It's part of what made me create SunMoonRain and is what continues to keeps me driven at it. 

Please do email me at if you'd like to be one of our positive energy ambassadors/stockists.


Love, Light & Peace,

Shabnam Melwani