The Magic of Tulum, Mexico - Shabnam

Tulum's original name Zama means sunrise. Very apt as so many people come here and like the sun, they rise to their higher consciousness and after a process of recovery and/or rediscovery, they get reborn.

My time here has been magic. I came with no expectations. And I leave bewitched. Tapping into the magnetic spiritual energy of the ancient Mayan culture has brought me several steps closer to myself. I have learned so much. Especially about myself. Coming on a trip alone was very daunting for me. To be here by myself in a totally new place where I knew no one. I leave knowing that I can be by myself and enjoy it. That alone is merely a state of mind and not being. Very thankful for special unexpected connections I made here.

Beginning to trust the Universe in its plans for me & open to receive it. The dots are starting to connect. Its as though a veil is slowly being lifted in front of me and I am starting to see. Clarity. Intuition. Not just words but finally senses.

Looking at myself, right at myself. Not turning my eyes down eyes away, as I usually do, physically and metaphorically. Seeing myself for the essence that I am and what I could be.

I leave with inner strength that I never thought I had, looking forward to what the future has in store for me. And being Ok not knowing exactly what it will be. Living each day as it come. Gracias Tulum. Te Quero. Regreso pronto.


Shabnam ~ July 30, 2015

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