SunMoonRain's first positive energy necklaces collection launches today


SunM⚭nRain presents our first capsule of Labradorite & Sunstone positive energy & healing necklaces on hematite chains.

Labradorite ~ A stone of transformation, it imparts strength & perseverance.  Balances & protects the aura, raises consciousness & grounds spiritual energies. Reveals the truth behind illusions & banishes fears and insecurities. Stimulates the imagination & calms an overactive mind.

Hematite ~ A stone of the mind, it grounds & protects us. Stimulates concentration & focus, enhances memory & original thought. Strengthens our connection with the earth, bringing security & safety. Endows courage, endurance & vitality.

You can shop this collection online now by clicking through Labradorite and SunStone Positive Energy Healing Necklaces.

The SunM⚭nRain Necklaces Collection alongside the newly launched Volcanic Rock Collection & our complete range of Signature bracelets will also be available for sale tomorrow Saturday December 5th from 11am to 6pm at Asiatique's Christmas Event 14a Dempsey Road Singapore.

Hope to see you there!

Shabnam ~ December 4th, 2015

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