SunMoonRain's annual Chinese New Year lunch for the elderly of the Tsao Foundation

Every year since 2009, we host a lunch for over 150 elderly of The Tsao Foundation that is dedicated to transforming the experience of longevity for it to be an actualization of potential for growth, health and fulfillment in a society for all ages. Established in 1993 as a non-profit family foundation, their efforts have first focused on promoting successful ageing, and active ageing as framed by the World Health Organization.

This tradition first started in 2009 when it was a part of my son Zachary's school charity event where each child brought a shoebox filled with essential goodies for the elderly. That year, Zachary's father and I started to sponsor the meaningful event. 

I remember having to go on stage then and making a welcome speech looking out to the audience who were 90% Chinese, not understanding a word that I was saying. It was there and then that I decided to pass the reigns on to Zach, who has been fluent in Mandarin from a very young age, thanks to the help of his wonderful nanny Ah Lan who has been with us since he was born.

When I launched SunMoonRain three years ago, I decided that it made perfect sense for the brand to take over the sponsorship of the lunch as SunM⚭nRain is all about positivity and healing, which is what this cause is all about.

I am so proud of Zachary since that first speech when he was just seven to now as a thirteen year old young man. Every year now he makes the welcome speech in Mandarin to the guests and it makes them all so happy. You can watch the full video here : Zachary Mandarin Speech.



This is what drives me with SunM⚭nRain. Most our profits are channeled towards meaningful causes such as working with the Tsao Foundation whose mission as I wrote about earlier, is to advance a positive transformation of the ageing experience. I chose to work with the elderly as I feel that this group is often neglected and overlooked – an invisible demographic in the larger scheme of charitable work here in Singapore.

My boys & I feel very blessed to be a small part of bringing joy to these pioneers of our country and will always strive to do more for them & others.


Shabnam ~ February 27 2016

  • Shanthi says...

    You are always an inspiration to the existing and the future generation. You have a big heart and God will always bless you with abundance.

    On February 27, 2016

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