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Sun Moon Rain - Checkout Their Fun & Fabulous Website That Went ‘LIVE’ Tonight!

It’s been almost a year since SUN MOON RAIN was launched! I remember attending a very Private Launch Party at HB husband’s New Development on Sentosa Cove in Feb. I was there for about 30 minutes and snagged 3 Bracelets!


After that I was HOOKED! (The number of Bracelets I have amassed, and given away as Pressies, will remain a SECRET, but I know that I am not alone! Numerous of my friends are huge fans, and I think I can safely say that most are REPEAT customers!) 


The Ingenuity and Charm of SMR (for me anyways) lies in The Design (The ‘Gold Nuggets’ with SMR embossed on them make them more like proper Jewellery, and not something picked up at a Yoga Studio or the likes…you know what I mean!) , The Healing Properties of The Stones Used (Who couldn’t use more ‘Help’ in their lives??? Be it LOVE, SERENITY, SUCCESS, PROTECTION or STRENGTH…if you ‘Check’ all the ‘Boxes’ please send me an email!), The Quality (I have not had a single Bracelet snag even though I have NEVER taken them off!) and their Versatility! You can wear them on a Daily Basis in the City, to a Beach Getaway or even to a Ball! 

                                            Bvlgari, Uluwatu Bali


                        Asian Couture Federation Dinner


Singapore- Based Founder and Creator, Shabnam Melwani- Reis, is a true WanderLust and SMR has Stockists from the Maldives to Australia.

With the website being launched though- it will be a TRULY INTERNATIONAL BRAND- another stamp on Singapore being a truly Global and Dynamic country ! (Bravo Shab!) With Marina Bay Sands, Celebrity Chefs setting up shop, Chanel holding their very Prestigious ‘Cruise’ Fashion Show here this year (Kaiser Karl himself came with 40 of his favourite Models), Versace’s First Store Opening at Paragon (CEO and MD of Asia Pac were in attendance!)…the list is ENDLESS!!! Then to top it off- NY Based Kevin Kwan’s Bestseller ‘Crazy Rich Asians’! (With the focus on Singapore!)

Today I had this dropped off at my house…thank you for the lovely surprise! (She knew EXACTLY what I needed!)


And I was very lucky to be the only Blogger to be given a SNEEK PEAK of SMR’s Website this am, which went ‘LIVE’ this evening! I have already done a bit of ‘damage’ on my credit card. I will Post pics when my Bracelets are delivered!

For now…Just have fun and play around on the Website, whilst discovering new Stones (and their Healing Properties) that you didn’t know existed! (We learn something new everyday don’t we?)

Ps It is VITAL to cleanse your Stones in Saltwater for a few hours first, then run water from the tap for a couple of minutes to wash away any Negativity that the Stones may carry. You should do so even after you’ve worn them. I cleanse mine at least 3 times a week! (Please refer to my Post on Tips on Clean Living & Feeling Good Part 1)

Once again much appreciation to Bon Bon Girl for all your support XXSMR

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