Druzy Agate Trilogy Unisex Collection

SunM⚭nRain’s Druzy Agate Trilogy unisex collection features three bracelets in silver, gold and copper. Available in both men’s and women sizes, this collection was inspired by the trilogy of life represented in so many ways and cultures. In christianity, it is used as a sign of the blessed trinity (father, son, holy spirit.) It also represents the three promises of a relationship such as to love, honour & protect. The three sides are also thought to represent the harmony of one’s spiritual, emotional & physical self.



A stone of strength, Druzy Agate rebalances & harmonizes the body, mind & spirit.  Improves concentration & perception. Brings inner-stability & calmness promoting stress relief. Releases blocked energy. Induces creativity.



Shop this collection by clicking through :  SunMoonRain Druzy Agate



August 31, 2017 

A special thanks to our @luchaloco & @aquabumps friends for styling this picture for us from sunny Hawaii🌴


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