Letter from a customer #gratitide

Its things like this that makes me so driven with SunM⚭nRain. There is not price tag on how this made me feel and how others feel about SunM⚭nRain. #grateful

dear shabnam  
just wanted to say how absolutely enamoured i am of your beautiful jewellery (and colourful universal wisdom & giving philosophy)

i ordered 2 bracelets from your site early friday morning - after a sleepless night in which i did a bit of work, a lot of reading and gawking at the gems on your site, and received the bracelets a few hours later ~ and i happened to be home that day too. so, first - wow and second, a huge rainbow of thank yous!

i have been wearing them almost nonstop since friday. they are now basically a part of my body really ...

i had a truly hard time trying not to buy one of everything. i will pace myself .... but who am i kidding? it won't be long before i have one of everything. i already know which 3 i am going to buy next ... in descending order of obsessiveness

thanks for adding to the beauty of the world. and thanks to every human who's had a part in your beautiful creations too

gypsy love,

kathryn 🌈❄️

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