Toms Singapore X SunMoonRain



We are honoured & humbled to be one of the eight Singaporean artists/designers/business owners invited to transform Toms classic shoes into a work of Art as part of their 'The Art Of Giving' exhibition in Singapore. All proceeds from the sale goes to the Children Cancer Foundation.


'Walking On Sunshine' by Shabnam Melwani from SunMoonRain for The Art Of Giving.

A symbol of strength & happiness, Shabnam uses the Sunflower symbol, also her brands logo, as it brings good energy & represents optimism & positivity as they grow towards the sun and hence “always look on the bright side.” It represents Life & its vibrant movement from joyous youth to the ageless wisdom of maturity.

Shabnam uses copper hematite stones, known to transform negative energy to positive energy in this creation, in combination with Swarovski crystals for a touch of glam & bling.

You can also bring the shoes home by going to Tangs Singapore to purchase them.

October 21, 2016

Note: TOM's Shoes is a brand that I just love & respect. It is a testament on how you can follow your passion and give back to the community at the same time. Blake MyCoskie, who founded this brand is one of my inspirations. I always say, when SunMoonRain grows up, we want to be just like TOMS Shoes. So when they reached out to me for this collaboration, it really was a manifestation of sorts. Thank you TOMS Singapore for the opportunity to work with you on this, I really enjoyed it and hope it raises good money for your wonderful cause. 


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