Beaded Friendship BREATHE band with lapis lazuli bracelet

Beaded Friendship BREATHE band with lapis lazuli bracelet

SMR Mantra Bands where Positivity = Happiness

SMR presents a collection of friendship bands that combine style with positive energy stones to enhance a lifestyle of mindfulness & optimism. A perfect daily reminder/affirmation/inspiration hand-crafted with love.

Setting a positive intention and being reminded of it is the best way to bring good vibes into our lives.

When we Breathe, we open ourselves to bring into our beings all the positive energy of the Universe. When we Breathe, we are letting ourselves be in the present moment. When we Breathe, we remind ourselves how lucky we are to have this wonderful gift called Life. When we Breathe, we ground ourselves to not let the little things agitate or distress us. When we Breathe, we release all negativity within. When we Breath, we still our minds to discover the truth behind all Illusions.



Shabnam - 2020


Lapis Lazuli - A stone of wisdom, lapis lazuli brings peace & deeper understanding. Encourages self-awareness & self-acceptance. Inspires creativity & truth in communication. Stimulates good judgment, intellectual ability & enhances memory.