Beaded Friendship LAUGH band with amazonite bracelet

Beaded Friendship LAUGH band with amazonite bracelet

SMR Mantra Bands where Positivity = Happiness

SMR presents a collection of friendship bands that combine style with positive energy stones to enhance a lifestyle of mindfulness & optimism. A perfect daily reminder/affirmation/inspiration hand-crafted with love.

Setting a positive intention and being reminded of it is the best way to bring good vibes into our lives.


When we Laugh, we bind people together and bring intimacy to our lives & the lives of others.

When we Laugh, we release endorphins that make us happy which in turn makes people around us happy.

When we Laugh, our burdens are lightened. When we Laugh, it inspires hope and keeps us grounded.

When we Laugh we let go & experience a new sense of forgiveness. When we laugh we release anxiety & fear, opening ourselves up to infinite positive possibilities.


Shabnam ~ 2020