smr // smoky quartz // Earth Collection bracelet

smr // smoky quartz // Earth Collection bracelet


Bring positive energy to your life with this SunMoonRain Earth 100% healing & positive energy bracelet in Smoky Quartz.

The earth collection is a unique & sustainable line hand-made for the conscious consumer to express individual style while also protecting the planet. 

Each piece is crafted with positive energy disc-shaped crystals, vintage glass, seed beads, & up-cycled metal from discarded brass pots & pans. 

Up-cycling is the way forward to take what is disposable, & creating something that is useful & beautiful from them.

The bracelet is tagged with an explanation of Smoky Quartz's powers as well as a recycled paper envelope to keep it safe. 

Stone Qualities

A stone of serenity, Smoky Quartz removes negativity & transforms it to positive energy. Comforting & calming, it instills balance & harmony. Helps elevates moods & relieves stress. Grounds & protects, it brings good luck, prosperity & abundance.