Swarovski Crystal & Gold Hematite Healing Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal & Gold Hematite Healing Bracelet

Bring positive energy to your life with this SunMoonRain 100% handmade healing bracelet with black Swarovski crystals and metallic gold Hematite. This limited edition bracelet features an adjustable tassel in metallic gold with a yellow bronze sunflower branding bead.

These exclusive bracelets were designed for the 2016 Singapore Fashion Week festivities. 

Each bracelet is tagged with an explanation of Hematite’s powers as well as a beautiful linen pouch, to keep it safe. The smooth hematite beads and Swarovski crystal's are 6mm, whilst the faceted beads are 4mm. 

Stone Qualities

A stone of the mind, Hematite grounds & protects us. Stimulates concentration & focus, enhances memory & original thought. Strengthens our connection with the earth, bringing security & safety. Endows courage, endurance & vitality.