Tourmalines Healing Bracelet

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Bring positive energy to your life with this SunMoonRain 100% handmade stretch healing  bracelet in multi-colour Tourmalines with 18k rose or yellow gold vermeil nuggets that combines modern sophistication & design with healing abilities.

Each bracelet is tagged with an explanation of Tourmalines's powers as well as a beautiful linen pouch, to keep it safe. Faceted beads are 4mm and circumference of bracelet is 17 cm.

Stone Qualities

Tourmalines relate to each of the chakras as they clear, maintain and stimulate each of the energy centers. Pink ones promote joy & love, blue activates ones intuition, brown ones cleanses the aura, green opens the heart & inspires creativity, black ones dispels negativity & protects and yellow stimulate spiritual development & strengthens the body & spirit.