Book : Whole : 11 Universal Truths For An Inspired Life

Book : Whole : 11 Universal Truths For An Inspired Life

Pamela Puja Kirpalani is a well-known international life coach and NLP trainer who has trained several organizations in the science of communication. She is also a dear family friend of mine, a beautiful soul I cherish & as such, wanted to share her amazing new book with my SunM⚭nRain family. 

This edgy, contemporary, and much-awaited book dives straight into mankind's quest for happiness and psychological well-being. Humans have been searching for pleasure-based happiness throughout all existence but in doing so, they have left out a very vital part of the equation - a whole state of being. “Whole ” provides the readers with key virtues and principles to live by to create an integrated and successful life, thereby addressing the paradox of our human obsession for happiness.


The majority of people today are concerned with quick and powerful short-cuts to help them deal with their daily unpredictable worlds- but the truth is, unless we understand how our brains work and what inspires or motivates us, we are chasing a never-ending hedonistic treadmill. The book uncovers unique and fascinating aspects of the human brain in fusion with the latest neuropsychology research, alongside ancient Stoic, Buddhist wisdom and revolutionary insights from eminent world-class leaders.