Sun Moon Rain's encyclopaedia of our crystals & stone bracelets


Click here SunMoonRain Encyclopaedia of Crystals and Stones to see pictures & read about the energy & healing properties of over 50 crystals & stones that we have bracelets of, including our new peach moonstone, lemon quartz & opal ones.

We take the research of the energy of crystals & stones very seriously. It's not just a matter of Google cut, edit & paste.

Over the last few years, I personally have met & worked with healers in Indonesia, India, South America & Mexico. I have also spoken with light workers & reiki healers all over the world. Reading books from stone specialists such as by author Judy Hall. My own personal healing process & experiences with the stones have played an important part too.

All these resources have contributed to the final top-line write-up's to form our on-line encyclopaedia of the powers of the crystals & stones.

Each of our bracelets also comes with a tag of the these properties. Please feel free to use and share our words, just do acknowledge us @sunmoonrain.

I hope you enjoy this concise copy-righted guide & it helps you get one step closer to picking the right energy of our bracelets that resonates with you.

Remember, energy doesn't lie.

Shabnam ~ May 11, 2016

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