How we tracked SongOfStyle when she was in Singapore...


We were thrilled to bits when we were alerted yesterday by one of our SunM⚭nRain friends that Korean-American blogger Aimee Song (@songofstyle) was spotted wearing our SunM⚭nRain signature turquoise bracelet & turquoise silk pom pom on blue agate bracelet!


Aimee has over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram and is one of the current social media "It" girls. She launched her personal style blog in 2008 and through that has garnered a crazy following across the globe. Although she is an interior designer by profession, she travels all round the world for openings and endorsements. A recent article mentioned that she earns up to millions for her posts on her social media platforms. 


Aimee was in Singapore recently with her sister Dani (who also has a growing number of followers and is @songdani on IG) as part of a promo tour for facial products I Love Skin Inc. When she was here, we managed to find out through some friends in the media (thank you SC!) that she would be having dinner at the restaurant Pince & Pints on Duxton hill so sent over two bracelets each for her and & Dani there, with a personalised note that I wrote welcoming them to Singapore. In the note, I also told them how we enjoy their style posts, sharing a little about SunM⚭nRain and the "style with soul" concept behind the brand. I sent the bracelets to them with the hope that they liked it enough to wear it but had no expectations of it. I did though keep a look out on their IG's the next few days to see if I could spot them wearing them, but no go. 




A week later I heard that someone else who had sent them a gift received a note from Dani's manager thanking them for the gift & letting them know how much it cost for her to post about it. That made sense to me as after all, it is part of their business & earnings to work that way. I considered reaching out to their manager for a minute, then thought not to as I felt that if the sisters liked SunM⚭nRain enough, they would just wear it. Making that decision, I completely let go the possibility that the would wear my bracelets as would only do so if it was a paid endorsement and I was not willing to walk down that path right now.


Then yesterday I got tagged in a pic on Aimee's IG by our dear SunM⚭nRain friend @moroccanmint - that she had spotted our SunM⚭nRain bracelets on her in New York City! And true to word, it was right there on her wrist with her regular arm swag, tagged alongside her Cartier & Tiffany bracelets. And then this morning, another dear SunM⚭nRain friend @dabw28 tagged us in another closer up picture of Aimee wearing both our bracelets. That made my day, actually my two days : )


I sent the two sisters the bracelets, as I said before, because I just wanted them to have it. Letting it go to expect them to wear & post about it and then weeks later seeing Aimee wear them these 2 days was a reminder to me that when one gives something, its important to give from your heart with the right intention. Although of course I did want them to wear & post about it, I did not have the expectation for them to do so. And as a result, the eventual postings were just the icing's on the cake. 



July 23 2014


To read more about the sister's do check out this detailed article on:

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