Ocean Dream

March's Birthstone is one of the beautiful shades of the Ocean, Aquamarine. A stone of truth & communication, it accelerates the intellectual reasoning process. Quietening the mind, it inspires calmness & clarity & facilitates self-expression. Aquamarine also sharpens intuition & invokes a high state of consciousness & spiritual awareness.

This Ocean Dream collection is inspired by my magical week at Raja Ampat on our very own tiny powdery white sand beach with these aquamarine clear crystal waters where this photo was taken when the amazing Alila Purnama boat took us here one beautiful afternoon.

Aquamarine and other blue/green colors like Turquoise are used in color therapy and color healing art for the flow of energy. It is a great color to use to get energy moving more fluidly within the body & also helps heal the interface between the physical body (green) and the mental body (blue).

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Shabnam ~ March 1, 2015

This picture below was captured as I was setting up this shoot, when I got the inspiration to lay my bracelets on a branch hanging over the ocean. Thank you #747

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