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I’ve been an artist-type for as much of my life as I can remember. When I was in high school I spontaneously drew mandalas. That was a very calming practice for me. I’d start with a point or circle and then grow some patterns outwards. In yogic tradition this is called Yantra. This kind of geometric study is yoga practice, but using a visual process. It's another means for giving a pattern to your attention. You can make use of geometrical techniques without doing art works to experience the effects of fundamental forms in your home or in your meditation.

The most basic 2-d shape we can realise is a triangle and if you use four perfect triangles on each others edges, that makes a tetrahedron, the most basic 3-d shape. Some people say that space is actually shaped like a tetrahedron grid. If you want to learn more about that you can watch this movie Black Whole with Nassim Haramein, an alternative physicist who puts together many of the worlds ancient traditional knowledge symbols to present a coherent unified picture of reality.

The fundamental things have the most power to transform energy. Breathing for example is one of the most fundamental things of life as we know it... it's so powerful, it’s the reason we live. It can work on it’s own but with practice it can change everything. When I began my yoga journey I realised how much better I was at helping myself by breathing more deeply. I could make myself contented by just taking a deep slow breath, holding it, and then ever so slowly letting it sigh out. If I needed some other feeling, like courage, readiness, clarity, or patience, I could do that with it too… So if the most fundamental shape of space is the triangle/tetradhedron, using those shapes around us has great power to transform energy.

A long time ago when I was a kid I saw something that was very peculiar at the weekend market with my dad. A man dressed in white walked the market with a metal frame pyramid on his head! I pointed him out to my dad and asked what that was about. My dad had spoken to him before and also asked about the interesting head gear. The man said it gave him power to live better. Then we both laughed about how crazy that was. Now fast forward to the present and I’m a yoga teacher. Sometimes I do meditations on shapes, keep crystal pyramids around the house, and want to produce an art book on Yoga and Sacred Geometry.

Triangles imply direction. This is natural for us. It didn’t take culture to come up with the idea of a triangle pointing to the right and thus we look that way. A pyramid works the same way. Did you ever here the phrase “Where attention goes, energy flows.” A triangle or pyramid “pointing" draws attention and thus energy in a direction. The most useful direction for balancing our life energy is up. Have you ever felt, “high, light, up on the clouds, or lifted in spirits”? Yoga practice uses the same concept by internal self discipline to make our energy move up, and just like the view up on a high mountain, your awareness expands, how far you can see and appreciate the world all around you!

As energy moves high up some of it will start to move back down around the base of the pyramid, much like a fountain. The water shoots up and then it moves out and down in a circle or sphere around the fountain. This is how energy becomes balanced and then regulated and focused. There is constant pull up the pyramid, moving out the top and then flowing down around the foundation. Instead of water, it’s the energy which is all around in the space and vibrations. Because triangles are the “shape" of space it works the best.

Last week I was visiting my friend’s Scott house and he was excited to show me something. Scott is an all around amazing guy who is as multi-talented and disciplined as they come. We walked into his room and there was a huge bamboo pyramid around his bed. With a big grin on his face he told me he was meditating on his bed in the center of the pyramid before sleep every night and having great sleep and clarity the following morning.

This is why meditation practice in a clear open space or on top of something tall is ideal. Either you will become the most stable structure for energy to move up or the energy is already moving up there.

Obviously setting up a pyramid around your bed, or getting a pyramid hat takes a bit of effort and belief. The most simple way to begin using these tools for higher energy and self realisation is to get some beautiful crystal pyramids to keep around the house. Each type of crystal will have unique effects on the energetic vibrations around it.

You can also meditate on the form of a triangle. When you sit down for meditation in any pose, touch your index and thumbs together with each hand resting on your knees. Imagine a triangle formed by the points of your touching fingers and your forehead/third eye center. Allow your creativity to work with this idea in anyway that will help you stay focused with it. You might also notice that in a cross leg seated meditation pose your body also somewhat resembles a triangular shape, actually a tetrahedron.

All of these tools and practices help us to transform any energy which is coming our way for the betterment of ourselves and the world around us with greater awareness. If you feel inspired, try drawing these forms, and studying different ideas on how they convey the information that makes up our reality. Many people agree this greatly enhances the power of working with them.

Thanks kindly

George Anthony ~ May 6, 2015

About George

George offers instructional, inspirational, and real life examples for living the Yoga life. His teaching is an approach to present mindfulness through the practices of Yoga that results in the ability to live an intuitive life, free of regret or anxiety. The classes, inspired by Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Kundalini Yoga, arouse natural well being. George is a gifted and inimitable teacher who lives a Yoga life with compassion and non·violence as his guiding principles. Please check out his website Yoga Life and George for more details. George is a resident teacher at Vikasa Yoga in Koh Samui,  and you can also follow him on his Facebook here 



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