Talitha Getty - The Inspiration behind SunMoonRain's BohoLuxe

Over the years, I have had many style icons & inspirations. That seems to change as my own personal tastes evolve. Or rather, not really change but expand to include other individual's style who I may not necessarily have connected with at that previous stage, but now do. Thank God or else you would still see me wearing headbands ala Olivia Newton John in that "Physical" video!


One woman whose style who has stood the test of time & I have always loved is Talitha Getty. SunMoonRain’s BohoLuxe collection is inspired by her “Swinging Sixties” style & bohemian lifestyle.


Talitha Getty was born in Java, Indonesia into a family of painters. She was a exotic beauty who possessed a certain worldliness beyond her age. As she became an actress (Barbarella 1968) and jet-setter, she was pursued by a number of men, romantically and artistically, including Yves Saint Laurent, Mick Jagger, and she married oil heir John Paul Getty in 1966. During their honeymoon in Marrakech, the couple fell in love with a 17th century building and bought it right away, naming it “The Pleasure Palace." It was here, that the newlyweds created the exotic and luxurious drug-fueled bohemian kingdom that would become their legacy.

This iconic photograph above of Talitha, which has been referred to “ The Beautiful & Damned” by many due to YSL musing about them that way, has inspired countless of fashion collections from designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni. It was taken on a roof-top of this palace in Marrakech in January 1969 by Patrick Lichfield. With her hooded husband in the background, the image is now part of the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Talitha Getty became a fashion “It” girl in the mid-to-late 1960s. She managed to embody both the wild decadence and naïve innocence of the era. She became YSL’s muse and alongside Twiggy, Getty came to typify the fashion of the era. She was innovative in her use of ethnic outfits — kaftans, sarongs, and Moroccan djellabas adorned with mountains of middle-eastern costume jewellery barefoot or accessorizing with gladiator sandals and wreaths of flowers in her hair. With her exotic ensembles and exuberant personal style, she initiated an entirely new genre of fashion titled “Gypset”, (gypsy + jet-setter).

Although Talitha died of a heroin overdose in 1971 at the young age of 31, her style has been immortalised through this tradgedy and still continues to inspire people till today, including me.

This was the best article I came across when I was researching her if you are interested to hear more about her beginnings, hedonistic bohemian lifestyle up to its tragic end:  Talitha Getty

In April 2014, I visited the architectural wonder of the John Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It was amazing & admirable to see how Mr Getty changed his life from a notorious playboy so into the drug world to a generous philanthropist after Talitha died, funding so many worthy clauses including this incredible museum seen in this picture below that I took last year there.

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Shabnam ~ May 19, 2015

Here below are our BohoLuxe friendship bands and beaded tassel bracelets inspired by that free-spiritedness of the bohemian lifestyle where Talitha Getty-meets-Coachella. They are available at: SunMoonRain BohoLuxe


Reference for Talitha Getty came from many sources including oliviapalermo.com's page on Style Icons.

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