Crystal & Clay Temple Treatment in Tulum Mexico - Shabnam

Crystal & Clay Temple treatment where healing is meant to be experienced on all levels of the mind, body & spirit.

Mayan clay is spread all over the body so that the toxins and metals like lead, mercury, preservatives, alcohol, and cigarette smoke are absorbed by the clay and the skin absorbs minerals from the clay. The clay also acts as an exfoliant and regenerates the tissue.

The beautiful lady who did my therapy shared that Mayan clay contains magnesium, silicon, zinc, copper & chromium that help to reduce skin inflammation, insect bites, sun burns & rashes, and it even helps calm acne & the locals use it in their daily beauty regime to reduce wrinkles & eye-bags & it also balances the electromagnetic energy in your body. Sounds like a miracle natural product really lol.

Following this, my chakras were alighted using crystals such as Amethyst (which I am holding) and Lapis Lazuli and a invigorating massaged ended this 90 min session.

I definitely feel cleaner & lighter & more than that I find it so interesting how ancient techniques like mud therapy & crystal cleansing & balancing remain after thousands of years despite modern discoveries in the beauty & health industries. Says a lot about keeping this simple & natural & that old is gold.

Shabnam ~July 25, 2015

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