Shaman massage using healing techniques from Peru & Mexico - Tulum 2015

On my quest to experience & share the various forms of healing in different cultures, I booked myself for a “Tau” treatment this morning, which is a "Sun" massage in the wiaraka language. Ignacio, a lovely 31 year old from the Otomi ethnic group in Mexico, worked on me using traditional healing techniques of shamanic traditions from both Mexico & Peru which he incorporated into a full body deep tissue massage which was not like any other massage I had done before.

The massage started with him asking me what physical or emotional pain I wanted to release & after that he started playing a horn to a mystical soothing tune that invokes the energy spirits of the place we are at, the jungles nearby & the ocean to come help his process to do that with me. He started with slow regular strokes but it moved very quickly into flows that were varied on my body, in different rhythms and pressure.

Ignacio works with the healing modality of the mind, body & spirit cleansing and the session with him included several brush overs on my body with fresh sage which is used to clear any negativity (which he shares that he burns after) and following that he compressed heat on many parts of my body from the flame of a burning candle to seal in the positivity he & the energies around me sent me within.

A local incense made from a tree resin called Copal was also burnt to clear away any ill spirits. At certain times, Mayan, Peruvian & Otomi chants were played in the background which are meant to help to release any negative energy or pain from my cells that could have been stored over a period of time. The hour and a half went quicker than I expected, and I feel relaxed yet invigorated at the same time. Looking forward to more holistic idigeneous therapies in this beautiful space of Tulum.

Shabnam ~ July 16, 2015

  • Ignacio says...

    Thanks so much for your detailed and accurate description of my therapy,was a pleasure and honor for me to had the oportunity to did it,the resulting invigorate and relax feel was the energy balance that the Tau therapy look for,all the best energy for you from Tulum!

    On September 12, 2016

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