The Destination was about the Journey - My adventure in Peru.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

We all have all heard this line. Well, for me it sure hit home at the end of 2015 as I began my adventure in Peru. The trip started with a lesson in humility and gratitude when the plane from San Salvador to Lima nose-dived and I thought it was the end. I remember so clearly the feeling of helplessness, having zero control and just having to succumb to the inevitable. But....

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Shaman massage using healing techniques from Peru & Mexico - Tulum 2015

On my quest to experience & share the various forms of healing in different cultures, I booked myself for a “Tau” treatment this morning, which is a "Sun" massage in the wiaraka language. Ignacio, a lovely 31 year old from the Otomi ethnic group in Mexico, worked on me using traditional healing techniques of shamanic traditions from both Mexico & Peru which he incorporated into a.....

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