Its our Third Birthday!


It's our Third Birthday today!

The Power of the Trinity:

Thought Word & Deed
Father Son & Holy Spirit
Love Honour & Protect
Mind, Body & Soul
Past Present & Future.

A very big THANK YOU to everyone on this special milestone for us for all your love & support of SunM⚭nRain.

I remember this day so clearly three years ago when we launched in the basement of a pop-up event in Singapore. Never did I think this passion of mine would reach so many across continents and this sharing of positive energy would be what drives me & happily gets me out of bed every day.

Looking forward to sharing more of my adventures with you as I continue to explore (externally & internally) with love, gratitude, mindfulness, mischief & fun!

And just so you know, your participation on my journey through your comments & likes is truly much appreciated.

Shabnam - December 8, 2015 

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