Stackable & Charm Jewellery - November 2013

Stackable & Charm Jewellery

I've been trying to be more 'Urban' for some time now (Purchasing Sleek Outfits especially in Black!) but there's a Boho Side of me that I finally have to acknowledge- Can't Be Shaken Off!

I own a Comb and Hair Brush from Mason & Pearson that have NEVER been used (The Hair Brush anyway...!!! Sometimes I even run out of Hair Conditioner so my hair gets tangled but I just deal with it! No biggie!) I don't wear Make-Up on a daily basis, and when I do get 'Dolled-Up', my Make-Up application takes about 15 minutes (unless I have to create a Perfect Red pout!) Yet I purchase so much Make-Up...Hmmm...there's something here that does not quite add up!

When I wear a BallGown I still wear an Over-Sized Rolex Daytona, instead of a Dress Watch, and Bracelets from SUN MOON RAIN, instead of proper Diamond Bracelets. Can I 'blame' it on the amount of time I spent in the UK??? I love how the Brits do not take themselves too seriously. Maybe if I had gone to school in the US- I would be A LOT more 'polished' (More Upper East Side)...Who knows???

So as I try to be more 'Urban', a few things give me away! Ssshhhh...! My LOVE of Mixing and Matching Jewellery, and 'Piling' them on!

Below is my Edit of the most 'yummylicious' Stackable Jewellery! (Please Click on BOLD to take you to the relevant Websites and Pages!)

SunMoonRain Bracelets

A sneak peek of SMR's Festive Collection. The Collection will be available on SMR's website which will launch on 15th Nov! Prices range from SGD$99 - SGD$450


DUEPUNTI Diamond Ring

I'm in LOVE with these Stackable Rings (they also do Bangles!) Made of Silicon for those who are Allergic to Metals and only using Conflict Free Diamonds! The Price Tag does not make you 'weep' either! Wonderful Christmas Pressie for that fun-loving, outgoing friend!

Rings are SGD$118 and Bangles are SGD$158

(TYPE in ILOVEBONBONS at Checkout to get 10% off!)

Design a Loquet

My Second Purchase! I lost all my Charms when I took them out to be Cleansed in SaltWater, and did not close the Locket properly! The charms are now scattered everywhere within The Singapore Polo Club's premises! Could be in the Jungle, Sand Track or Stables. Sob!

Stacker Tiny Heart Charm Ring


Cruciani has taken Hollywood and Italy by STORM! Worn by almost every notable A- Lister! Gnossem is the Sole Distributor. Spend a minimum of SGD$200 on Gnossem's Website, then type in ILOVEBONBONS at Check Out to receive your 10% Discount and this Highly Coveted 4 Leaf Clover Bracelet as well, which is available in 4 colours!

Have fun and Start Stacking!

Thank you Jaime Yong for this fabulous article XXSM

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