Arm Candy With Soul - July 2013

I don't want a huge portion of this blog to be about food, although you can pretty much count on at least one restaurant being reviewed a week, as there always seem to be new ones worth mentioning. (One of my readers recently told me that I'm often talking about eating. I don't think I really do, and try to find a balance somewhere between stuffing my face, shopping and life generally…and writing about it all.)

Anyway, on to non-food related things.

Sun Moon Rain's creations are delicious in an inedible way and I've been a fan of their healing crystals and their simple designs ever since I was given my armful by a very good friend a few months ago for my birthday.

Made to last, these are really properly and carefully constructed and finished off with 18kt gold charms. I hate it when charms on bracelets tarnish and look tired; these don't, and won't, which goes some way to explaining the price tag.

Written about in yesterday's Urban - I love this ST supplement, it's my Friday must-read -  I am very proud that Shabnam has done so well with her creations that I have been sporting non-stop ever since I got them; every day and night, even when I'm swimming. They never come off.

A big part of their magic is in the stones themselves - which have healing powers - without being too new-agey for most people's taste. They give a whopping 20% of all sales to charity, which is also pretty magical I think.

Each bracelet has a short explanation attached to it when you buy it, to tell you the stone's qualities:

My favourites, which I am wedded to, are her Seven Chakra which contains seven types of coloured stones in one bracelet coupled with a yellow gold lotus charm and three yellow sapphires (worn in the first photo, $450) as well as the classic but pretty Rose Quartz.

They vary in price depending on which charms are chosen. All signature bracelets retail at $99, except for the turquoise (properties of which are described in the photo above) which sells at $150.

My other bracelets (also pictured above) are aquamarine, which is said to help promote sleep - I could do with a bit of that - citrine and coral.

What's seriously clever about all this from the creator's perspective, is the more you wear, the better they look:

Sun Moon Rain is available from Tribeca in Mandarin Gallery and Pact in Orchard Central.  The brand is also stocked in Bali, Jakarta, Thailand, the Maldives…and Oz.

Thank you Changmoh Girl for this amazing write-up XXSMR

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