Mudras ~ Gestures that promote physical health, psychological balance & spiritual awakenings.


Some things I do and come across in my day-to-day just passes me by with no deep understanding to what they mean or signify. This week, I have been researching some of them that have peaked my interest, Mandalas first and now Mudras. I will share my learning’s here of things I come across that guide me on my journey to the self, and I hope you enjoy it & it brings you some benefits too.


Mudras are gestures of the hands, face & body that promote physical health, psychological balance & spiritual awakenings. Even though the use of mudras are most strongly identified with Indian spiritual traditions, they are also found in various religions including Christianity where Christ has been depicted using hand gestures. The most Universal mudra is hands placed together in front of the heart in prayer as a symbol of reverence & devotion and is called Anjali Mudra.


In this picture that was taken last week in Raja Ampat at sunset on the amazing Alila Purnama boat's top deck, my hands are placed in the Jnana or Gyan Mudra, which is a gesture of Higher Knowledge towards Awakening. It supports the clear seeing that allows our authentic being to come to the foreground so that our thoughts and feelings are witnessed more objectively. This gesture directs our awareness to the third-eye, which is our center of spiritual clarity, deepening our ability to witness consciously.


This mudra modifies the pranic flow (or life force) in the fingers. Usually in a mediation practice, the prana flows out through the extremities such as the hands, feet, head, etc.). When the connection is made by the thumb and index figure, it is said to create a kind of circuit re-circulating the body’s vital energy and it redirects some the flow inwards so that the mind energy is internalized, which calms the mind.


Looking forward to being aware of the benefits of this mudra in my daily yoga /meditation practices and experimenting with other mudras in the next few weeks. Hope you can share your thoughts or experiences here in this blog too as would love to hear from you too.  _/|\_ 


Shabnam ~ February 27, 2015 

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